What is DigiHall about?

The aim of DigiHall is to strengthen the digital health literacy of senior citizens.

Mentors trained in the project will introduce them to digital offers in the field of health so that the seniors can make optimal use of them. For the mentors, an online learning platform and an app on digitalisation and health are being developed in the project, with the help of which they can acquire both content-related and didactic knowledge.


What does the abbreviation DHL stands for?

Do you think that the percentage of people (aged 16-74) who searched for health information online in 2020 lays between...
a) 10-30 percent
b) 30-40 percent
c) 40-70 percent
in Germany, Greece and Italy?

Take a look at the abbreviation/ projects name DIGIHALL.
What could be the aim and topic of the project?

What do you think is the reason why people over 65 might not use digital health technologies?

What do you think is an informal caregiver and how many percent of the caregivers in Germany and Greece are informal?

What do you think that “digital health technologies” include?


Which of the following health technologies do already exist in Germany?

a) A database where personal health data, such as, treatments, medications, allergies and more can be stored in a uniform manner.

b) Electronic prescription: There is the possibility
to receive prescriptions from the doctor in electronic form and to transfer them directly to the health insurer

c) A website of the local pharmacy where you can order medicines online and have them delivered


How many percent of Europeans aged 16-74 had basic digital skills in 2021?

Think of the most prevalent physical obstacles for older people concerning accessing e-health

Which obstacles and problems can occur if you want to search for health information online?

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