PR1: Baseline study

The outcome is a baseline study of the critical parameters that shape the training strategy of the Digihall e-learning platform.

Based on research and the person-centered approach the baseline study serves to reach practical conclusions and assumptions for the best adaptation of digital health literacy interventions.Concrete guidelines stipulate the main education and training direction.

The final report could serve as basis for further research and innovation on the promotion of digital health literacy for older people.

PR2: Interactive e-Training course

Development of Digihall training content will be based on the results from the baseline study (PR1), and aims to provide comprehensive and well-structured training material to help to motivate and empower mentors to teach older people and improve their digital health literacy.

PR3: Digihall e-Training Service

The Digihall e-learning platform will be designed as e-Training Service. It includes all materials of the project and will also support online interactive tools such as quizzes, videos or podcasts.

The Digihall e-Training Service will contain open sections that are publicly accessible and some parts where an open registration is required due too technical reasons.

PR4: Mobile Application

In order to support mobility most of the Dighall e-Training Service content will also be available via app on the smartphone or tablet. This way our learners have access wherever and whenever they want.